Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Fallacies of The Vodka Bar (or Breakfast at First Watch)

In my experience, when beloved music venues close, be it because of shitty landlords, domestic strife or whatever, what follows rarely succeeds. Property owners get it in their head that it’s the location that made the previous spot successful, not the tenants and their patrons.  They get the idea that if the building was rehabbed into martini bar or an upscale Italian restaurant, that they can up the rent and make even more money. Most times, it backfires as a stream of failed ventures follows.  Food is fickle, whereas live music recycles forever. It is a sustainable model that as long as the quality of bands remain high, the people will continue to come. As does the loyalty and the life long relationships. It is a goddamned shame when some people just don't get this and how it benefits a scene and a city. They usually trot out the same bullshit reasons of why they want to try something else, but they usually are back pocket reasons that have existed for ten years and will always be there. The bottom line is that it’s all about money and the short sighted mentality of reaching for the mytic more instead of sticking with the steady and the consistent. All you can do is hope that in the end, the good guys move to a spot down the road and continue to succeed while the blind get to manage an empty store front six months from now. Or, if you’re into playing the long game, you lose track of how many places have failed at end of this decade.  I honestly don’t know the specific reasons, but I’ve seen this rodeo a few times before. Til' we meet again recordBar 1.0.  Winter is the shit season for live music anyhow.

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